The Big World

Entering to this world.
I look tiny.

Everything here is bigger than me.
I feel so little.

My one big step,
Is only a small move here.
All I wish is to move forward.
However, everything here is just a hinder.
I'm getting no further from where I am.

A sudden attack.
It was an ant.
It keeps coming closer towards me.
I run.
It chases me.

There too much to run.
I am running out of stamina.
I have to find a way to escape it.

I look around,
Too hard to see.
Everything is too big to block my sight.

To a certain state,
The ant nowhere to be found.
It seems that I manage to escape away from it.

I am tired.
I need a rest.

Look a round to find a shelter.
All I see is just tall grasses.
there is a giant mushroom that I can rest.

I take it as a shelter
Sitting down there to think for next move.

Covering in the shadow,
Is cozy here,
It even protects me from sunlight and rain.

Hiding is not the way to escape.
Escape is not the way to deal with everything.
And yet,
It is the most comfortable way to do it.

Hiding under a big mushroom,
Using it as a shelter to hide.
Surrounding covered with tall grasses.
As if no one could find me.

As time goes by,
I could no longer to stay here.

It is a nice place to hide,
But not a shelter to stay.

The place is getting darken,
I need to find another place.

I am no longer able to hide in this place,
Even if it is no ant here,
there are other creatures out there.

I have to move on.
I have to move forward.