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Starry Sky [11]

It is a long long way to here.
A long way to climb to the highest place.
At last, I have come to view such astonishing night sky.

Thousands of star hanging in the sky.
I try to count.
But I can not.

It is too many.
Too much to count.

I made in time.
A time for the shooting stars.

I heard a myth.
A myth about wishes.
Whenever there is a shooting star appear.
Pray them.
Tell them your wishes.
And it will come true.

I wonder.
Wonder if it is true.

A shooting star has fallen.
I try to pray.
But missed.

I am depressed.

A flash of light has passed through.
I look at the sky again.
Another shooting star has fallen.
It follows another.

At that night,
I made a lot of wishes.

Hoping those wishes will come true.