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Imagining Clouds [17]

Imagination has always in her head.
Her brain has non-stop keeping imagining.

What is the reality?
What is imagination?
She does not know.
Everything has been mixing up.

Even when she stands in front of the clouds,
She still imagining.

Spend so much time on imagination.
For what?
Or just the simple creativeness?

Nothing can be stopped.
Her imagination has expanded.

From one tiny cloud,
To a dragon flying in the sky.

Even worse.
She can see a school of fish swimming in the sky.

There are the big ones,
As well as the small ones.
Every single fish are swimming towards the same direction.

As those fishes have passed.
What is next?
What could it be?

With millions and millions of clouds keep floating.

Tell me...
What can you see now?

Recent posts

A Start Of Learning Pixel Art

Hmm, when did i start to like pixel art? Don't remember.
But one thing that i remember is i watched one of Pewdiepie's video on playing some RPG maker games. And maybe that day, it start the interest of mine to this type of art. Of course there are some type of art that i like but for me pixel art is very unique and different. 
So, instead of looking at them, why not try to draw it my own. After a few hours in figuring how to draw it and make it a GIF. And... here it is, a black cat looking at the window, swinging its tail casually. 
Although it was just a basic drawing but still, i feel such satisfaction.  

The Beginning of Journey

There is a little girl who unconsciously comes to an unknown world right before she opens her eyes. After a long sleep, she awakes. She opens her eyes confusingly and guessing what is going on here.  

The little girl has been walked for quite a distances. Found nothing but just a weird space. Suddenly a black and dark object is moving toward to the little girl. The little girl startled as the moment the dark object spoken. " Hi there little girl, are you lost?" the dark object asked. The little girl did not answer but look at him. Then he told that little girl that he is the admin in this world.
He also explained that he is responsible to bring people who trap into the dream world and lead them out from this world. He told her that he'll bring her out of here and lead her the way to the exit. However, the little girl refused. The little girl walks away and stopped by the dark object. "Okay, I'll give you sometime here but not for long. But there is a condition,…

A Dream Of A Traveling Girl

There was a girl who travels between country. One day, she took a weird bus which led her to a place where which surrounded by the tall building. As she walks through the path, she realizes it is the resident’s area. Each of every one of the doors, it lives with different people with different faces. At the end of the path, there is a different building. A house in which differs from the other building. She kept walking, in front of her, there is a sign. To have a closer look, she walks closer. It stated 'the head of the resident'. All of a sudden, everything is shaking. A quake happened. 

A giant ferocious girl is standing up and look at the girl. The giant ferocious girl shout "Rawr!!! Who are you? Why are you here? "The shout should make her be afraid. So did the traveling girl as she shouts “AH!” The giant ferocious girl seems happy for a second then turn to confuse because the way the traveling girl looks seems doesn't afraid instead shocked. Then the traveli…

Autumn [16]

I surrounded by forest.
It seems an endless path.

Leaves fall from the trees.
A golden leaf,
A red leaf,
A brown leaf,
A wilted leaf.
Endlessly falling.

The leaves have almost covered the road.
I step those leaves as I walk through,
I felt satisfaction.
I felt enjoyed.
The crunching sound of the leaves,
Has made me move forward without thinking of stopping.

Because of this path,
It made me stop thinking for awhile.
Everything has to put aside and keep walking.

I have walked this far,
Does not even realize the time has passed.

Not until I have come to an end,
The end of the path,
I would not realize anything.

The cold breeze that I felt before,
Is coming soon.
Everything has loop again.

The surrounding has changed.
But not me.
Nothing has ever changed since then.
Maybe there is no way to change.


Not until I stop thinking.

Tired Never End [15]

There was a time I wish i could stop,
but no,
i do not have the ability to do so.

Even if i have it,
I am just to scare to do so.

I am such a coward.

Because of  coward,
This feelings never end,
Never go away.

The endless loop,
Have never stop.

I am tired.
And such tired keeps me alive.

How I wish to fill anything rather than this.
But there aren't.

Tired never end.

This is my fate to bound to this tiredness forever.

Leaving [14]

Tick tock,
Tick tock...
The clock's needles keep moving.
The time has never been stopped.

Looking at the world.
The world keeps changing.
They change too fast until you do even recognize.

As if the world changed,
So should I.

Everything is moving forward,
But not the sky,
Not the universe.

As it seems to me...

The time has made me follow its steps.
Never been stopped.
Keep moving forward.

Even I tried to stop,
But still,
I am lacking the power to do it.

I know,
It wants me to move.
To move to the place somewhere I belong.

I have to leave from where I am.
I know I have to leave.
Leave to somewhere else.

Where should I go?
Where should I stay?

More importantly,

Where should I even belong?